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A number of the ongoing programs and issues that will be monitored closely during Barbara’s next 4 years of office:

  • Beach re-nourishment and the ongoing study and design project in cooperation with the Army Corp of Engineers and securing funding for the final design created.
  • Marineland Acres water management plan to alleviate flooding in that area.
  • More fully develop the potential of the County Fairgrounds, Ballparks and arena into a more efficient and attractive venue for county events.
  • Link the myriad local and regional social service agencies, Florida Hospital-Flagler, the Flagler County Health Department, Flagler County Free Clinic and other allied groups to create a more responsive and cohesive services delivery system.
  • Continue promoting Public Safety initiatives such as Sally’s Safe Haven Exchange Center, the Crisis Triage Unit and the Pretrial Release Program operated for the court system efficiency and saving tax dollars.
  • Construction of a new southerly Library to complement the current main library in Palm Coast.
  • Continue to work with all of the Cities on emergency management systems that best serve all citizens without unnecessary cost or duplication.
  • Continue pursuing the full funding of a grid of communications tower facilities, new upgraded 800 megahertz radios and to enable first responders to perform at their best, be safe and have an operations system to enhance citizen safety.
  • Work on continued diversification of our workforce and employment opportunities, while carefully weighing the inevitable growth that will occur.

Accomplish all these initiatives and more while keeping ad valorem tax rates low.

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